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Christmas With Love

Father Christmas

Father Christmas in the United Kingdom

Until Victorian Times “Father Christmas” was connected with Adult Merrymaking and Feasting. He was not connected with children, reindeers, stockings or gift giving. His image only started to change once Victorian Era individuals started to become more family centered, Father Christmas became the giver of gifts. In 1843, A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens revived Christmas and is said to have made it into what it is today. Some even believing the Ghost Of Christmas Present from the novel was depicted in the same image as Father Christmas.

In 1850, the American Santa Claus arrived in England and Father Christmas started to take on the same attributes as Santa. By 1880 Father Christmas had adopted the name Santa Claus, was a nocturnal visitor in homes and wore a red hooded gown trimmed in fur. In fact, the first child’s letter in England to Santa requesting a gift was made in 1895. Santa Claus was now widely known throughout the country. Regardless of what he is called, the good heart and spirit of Santa Claus is felt in the hearts of many at this special time of year.

The name Santa Claus evolved from a Dutch name,  “Sinter Klaas”

In the 3rd Century Saint Nicholas became the patron Saint of Children. Santa was born about 280 A.D in what is now Turkey. Saint Nicholas was born into wealth, and as Legend states gave away all his worldly possessions to traveling the countryside, helping the poor and sick. Over time his popularity spread and he became known as the protector of Children and Sailors. Saint Nicholas has always been a popular Saint even during the Protestant Reformation, when Saints were discouraged.