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Christmas With Love

Christmas Presents for Kids in 2023

Find exciting Christmas presents for kids, which will bring you child a lot of joy.

Christmas presents for girls

Christmas presents for boys

Best Christmas presents for kids

Discover the best Christmas gifts for kids of any age.

Christmas presents for babies

Christmas presents for toddlers

Christmas presents for teenagers

Find great toys for kids. Not only toys, which will give them a lot of fun but presents, which will help in their development.

Discover toys, which will help your child to develop fine motor skills, problem solving, language, creativity, imagination and social skills. Toys and books, which will give them self-confidence and improve skills and knowledge needed during education.

Physical dexterity

Christmas presents for kids

Toys helping to develop physical dexterity

Indoor gym, swings, slides and ball pools will help your child to spend time actively, even if the weather outside doesn’t let you to go out. Honestly, it is also perfect during the lockdown.

How to pack big presents?

Christmas presents supporting kids’ physical dexterity are often quite difficult to wrap in the Christmas paper because of their big size. The original packaging should not be so difficult to pack, if you have enough of wrapping paper. But if Father Christmas would like to assemble a bike, car or slide before, he can leave it later in the guest room. Hidden under the Christmassy blanket with a red bow placed on the top and ready to be discovered after unpacking of all other gifts. Or, if he really wants to leave all Christmas presents under the Christmas tree, he can put the gift in your spare festive duvet and tie it with a pretty gold ribbon.

Christmas presents for kids in 2022

Indoor Gym
Ride-on car
vintage racer for kids - Christmas gift idea
Vintage ride-on racer for toddlers
Indoor and outdoor slide
Slide with a basketball hoop
Balance bike
Balance four-wheeler


Find Christmas presents for kids, which will support children’s creativity. If your child loves drawing or painting, it will be a great hit.

You can create your own set of gifts, which complement each others. A few examples:

  • white card with crayons, pencils, markers or paints,
  • origami paper with book about origami,
  • colourful paper with glue and glitter.

You can also buy a crafty project for your children, which will inspire them to create more.

Christmas present ideas for kids

Colourful paper – pastels
Card – 50 sheets (250 gsm)
Origami paper – plain and with patterns
Colourful air dry clay

First pottery – crafty project for kids
Washable markers to draw thick and thin lines
Wood-free colouring pencils
Wax Crayons
Pencil case with 43 stationery pieces 
Box with 54 crafty pieces
Rainbow coloured craft card for kids
Copy paper – 2,500 sheets (75gsm)
Nature origami book with 50 sheets of origami paper (National Trust)
Washable markers for toddlers
Professional colouring pencils
Pencils with a thick XXL lead, which can be as wax crayons or with water and brush, can be used on glass, dark surfaces and plastic
Washable paint
Step-by-step drawing book for children

Problem solving

Problem solving is very important and it can be much improved by practice.

Categorisation of items by matching colours and shapes, counting elements and playing some board games helps to understand logic, math and coding.

Your child will develop 3D imagination and learn basics about project management by playing with building toys.

Playing with a kinetic sand (or even a simple sand and water), pounding bench, jigsaw puzzles and many other games with small elements improves fine motor skills, what helps to learn drawing and writing.

Find Christmas present ideas which can help your children in so many ways that you will be surprise.

Christmas presents for kids

Problem solving game for toddlers
Sorting game and numbers
Pattern blocks
Lego Creator – 3in1
Lego building blocks
Kinetic sand for kids
Dino sand (National Geographic)
Sand and water table
Space sand – motion sand for kids (950g)
Coding game for kids
Jigsaw puzzle and poster
Wooden rainbow
Wooden chess set
Sorting game for toddlers
Pounding bench
Shapes and mazes – wooden activity toy
Lego Duplo for toddlers
Building blocks (Lego)
Magnetic blocks
Kinetic sand
Mega fossil (National Geographic)
Sand and water table
Sand – 25kg
Wooden cogs – Space puzzle
Family of Bears jigsaw puzzle
Chess book for kids

Language development

It is very important that you read your children as many books as possible to help them develop their language skills.

I recommend the most picture books with many details, where grownup is explaining the picture. Child can also point for things and learn new words.

Noisy books with loudly pronounced animals’ names and sounds, electronic books with words in different languages – they are great to develop language skills.

There are some games, which help children to learn new words – reading and spelling, telling time, games with many new food related words, animals and more. Singing also helps a lot.

Christmas gifts for kids

Colours book for babies
Picture book to develop language and storytelling skills
Farm animals and their sounds
Where’s Wally? – classics
Encyclopedia for kids

Story Cubes – Storytelling and Language skills improvement
Reading and spelling game
Animals of the world lotto
100 first words in English and French
A lift-the-flop-book
On the Farm book
Animals Around the World book
School dictionary
A Treasury of Songs – Book and CD
Little Bus Lotto – Colours and Animals, Pictures Matching
Time telling game
Scrabble Junior

Toys supporting social skills development

Kids love playing with dolls, doll’s house, cooking, cleaning, organising tea party, selling items in they pretend shop, running the business.

How do toys help social development?

Dolls, stuffed animals and puppets represent people and animals with all range of behaviours and feelings. Children can play the situations, which are difficult for them and practice the response. Kids recreate social situation from their life and resolve them. This gives them a self-confidence they need in a real life.

They learn to negotiate, resolve conflicts and react in many difficult life situations.

Children love to take care of baby dolls, become the best friends with their favourite dolls. They learn empathy, develop language skills.

Christmas gift ideas for kids

Baby doll for kids
Family dolls – Role Play
Barbie Chelsea Camper
Barbie Skipper
Woodland Puppets
Key workers – Role Play
Playmobil house
Metal tea set for children
Theatre for kids
Kitchen, washing machine, fridge, microwave, oven sink – Pretend Play
Wooden hob
Pots for children – Role play
Fruit and vegetables – Toys
Wooden food – Role play toys
Baby dolls for children
Rag doll
Lottie Doll
Simba doll with a baby
Safari Puppets
Squirrels family (Sylvanian Families)
Playground nursery (Sylvanian Families)
Country house with furniture (Sylvanian Families)
Doll’s house with furniture
Kitchen for kids – oven, hob, fridge, sink
Kitchen for children
Shop – Role play toys
Monopoly Junior

Hopefully you were able to find many inspirations. If you still did not find it, there is more:

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