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Christmas With Love

Christmas presents for toddlers

Toddler is a child 12 to 36 months old. Find the best age appropriate gift ideas for toddlers for Christmas 2019. Giving them comfort, providing a lot of fun and supporting their cognitive, emotional and social development.

Best gift ideas for toddlers


Building blocks

Mega Blocks are great to build difficult shapes, when wooden blocks develop precision.

Match colours & shapes

If I would have to choose one toy for every child to play with, I would definitely go for eggs from Tomy. Toddler has to match shapes to fit all eggs in a box and can match a shell (with funny faces) and a chicken by colour. Squeezed chicken makes a quiet squeak sound. Shells can be turned upside down on a flat surface and child can spin them.

Scavenger hunt


Sensory messy play

Invest in a messy play mat to let your child explore many of their senses while playing. Avoid frustration to clean it all after your child has a lot of fun. Use your imagination to create fascinating games. Use child-friendly products of different shapes and textures.

Driving trucks

Playing ball