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Christmas With Love

ASDA Christmas 2023

Christmas 2023 is on the horizon, bringing with it a fresh holiday design for the ASDA website and exciting offers in ASDA shops. Get ready to experience the festive season with a touch of new and a dash of savings at ASDA!

Make this Christmas incredibublé

On the main ASDA website, green and gold dominate, along with an advertisement featuring Mr. Michael Bublé. Clicking on it will take you to ASDA Groceries.

ASDA Christmas 2023

Then you will be moved into the known from the previous year “A magical Christmas” design with the Christmas trees and a bit more gold and stars.

A Magical Christmas design

Christmas 2023 at ASDA

Below you will find “Christmas 2023 at ASDA”, where you can find a little hub, where you can pre-order you ASDA food, buy

Explore Fresh Turkey Pre-Order

Below “The Perfect Pairings” aisle with alcohols, you will find an instruction “How to Cook Your Fresh Turkey”.

Maybe it is the matter of my location, maybe all turkeys are sold-out but when I tried to follow the steps – I reserved a slot for 23rd December, I clicked “View all Turkeys” and have seen an icon – and had only the options below:

And… maybe it is just me but, when I think about the fresh turkey, I don’t think about the seasoned one. I understand it just means that it is… fresh. But I would expect it being fresh without highlighting it. But good for them that they make people’s life easy and the only thing added to it, which would be not added at home, is the antioxidant. But still… for me all this “fresh turkey” campaign is more about marketing and visibility for the popular term than about what it really is. From 5 options, two were actually a chicken.

Shop Christmas Dinner

In the “Christmas Dinner” section you can get starters, mains, cheeseboard, Christmas puddings, and desserts – for meat-lovers as well as for vegetarians and vegans. You can also search for Christmas cookware and cleaning products.

Shop Parties and Gatherings

Here you can find some party food – and alcohol section below.

Shop Gifts, Wrap and Cards

I love giving Christmas presents, wrapping them, and writing Christmas cards, so obviously this is my favourite section.

The gifts are divided into six sections. I don’t feel here a lot of Christmas spirit – the top picks feel like cosmetics only and Disney promotion.

Shop Stock Up for Christmas

Em… stock up for Christmas, so for the whole year you will use the same items over and over again, and still find them before the next (and next… and next…) Christmas. This section feels so random – as a place to find the products with a good margin for ASDA.

I appreciate ASDA for their prices and simplicity of their orders – but this year Christmas offer almost makes me feel that I want to buy less and in the smaller shops managed by more thoughtful locals.

ASDA Christmas Advert 2023

The ASDA Christmas advert features the “King of Christmas” or, for me, a now-a-days Sinatra – Michael Bublé (I know how to pronounce his surname now, thanks, ASDA!).

The advert focuses on the variety of products, which ASDA offers. Is not shouty, feels more like a beginning of the classical Christmas movies about a father working hard before Christmas in the large corporation.

Honestly, the advert is a reminder of mine that ASDA is huge corporation, bullying others for their unique ideas with a bunch of clappers being afraid of their boss – and well, a wide range of tasty food products.

So, in my opinion, the ASDA Christmas 2023 advert message is:

If you don’t care, who is behind the scenes but you only care that food on your Christmas plate tastes good – shop in ASDA.

At the end, Mr. Michael Bublé treats us singing with his warm and so nostalgic voice. Honestly, he could sing about anything and it would sound pleasurable.

Christmas 2023 at ASDA – Summary

To summarise? Well, maybe this year ASDA should listen to Berry, a guy with the mackerel idea.

ASDA Christmas 2022

ASDA Christmas 2021

ASDA Christmas 2021 website

In November 2021, we could access the ASDA Christmas page from the homepage by clicking a banner “Make Christmas Spectacular. Shop Christmas.”.

Below, there were two links: “Christmas Trees” and “Advent Calendars”.

ASDA Christmas 2021 page

Make Christmas Spectacular with Asda

On the dedicated Asda Christmas page:

We can find a special menu:

  • Extra Special,
  • Party Food,
  • Drinks,
  • Nightwear,
  • Gifting,
  • Christmas Dinner,
  • Decorations.

ASDA Groceries Christmas 2021 page

Christmas ASDA Groceries Christmas page:
ASDA Food to Order
ASDA Extra Special Christmas
ASDA Extra Special Hampers

ASDA Christmas Advert 2021

Watch the newest Asda’s Christmas 2021 Advert

Asda Christmas 2020

Asda Christmas 2020 page

Asda Christmas Advert 2020

Asda Christmas Advert 2020

Asda Christmas Food

Food to order

ASDA Christmas Turkey

In Asda you can order a Christmas turkey to be delivered before Christmas.

ASDA Extra Special Norfolk Bronze Large Turkey (Typically 6.25kg)
(Serves 10-14)
ASDA Organic Free Range British Bronze Turkey (Typically 5kg)
(Serves 6-10)
ASDA Extra Special Easy Carve Turkey with Apple & Cranberry Stuffing
(Serves 8)
ASDA Extra Special Bone-in Beef Rib with Wild Garlic Butter (Typically 950g)
(Serves 2-4)
ASDA Salmon Side
(Serve 6)
ASDA Extra Special Lamb Leg with Mint and Redcurrant Sauce (Typically 2.3kg)
(Serves 8-12)
ASDA Extra Special
Vegan Wellington

(Serve 4)
ASDA Extra Special Vegan Turkey Style Joint with Caramelised Onion Stuffing
(Serves 6)
ASDA Slow Cooked Carvery Meat Selection (Serves 4)