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Christmas With Love

Christmas Gifts for Her

Find today unique Christmas gifts for her. With lots of love from you. Or with good wishes and a little bit of thought. Gifts, which will make her smile. Discover the best gift ideas for women for Christmas 2022.

Christmas Gifts for Women

Women’s Gifts for Christmas 2022

Each woman in the world is so beautifully unique. Probably this is the reason, why it is so difficult to buy her a perfect gift.

Do you need a quick advice, what to buy? Discover 10 best gifts for women for Christmas 2022!

10 Best Christmas Gifts for Her in 2022

Here are a few great gift ideas for her:

1. Perfumes / eau de parfume / eau de toilette

If you want a present, which is considered as luxurious and very feminine, think about a bottle of really good perfumes, eau de parfume or eau de toilette.

Perfumes are very difficult women’s gift to choose. It is surprising how often people buy them.

Smell of Chanel no5 might be loved or hated but it is definitely a gift which should not offend any woman (as long as she did not tell you that she really hates it!). Just in case she will display it on her dressing table or easily resale it.

If you are not sure that she likes it, go for the smallest size of the bottle. If she is into fashion or interior design, probably she would appreciate a bigger size of the bottle – they have so classic look!

Perfume - Gift for Christmas 2019

2. Scarf

Another gift idea for women is a scarf. You can’t go wrong with its size. Buying too large size of the scarf you will not offend anybody, right?

Colour? Well… look what she already wears. It is better to buy her something what she likes than a random colour (or you know she loves to experiment? go for it then!).

Check links below to find different colours! I found a few well rated scarves in a wide price range.

3. Bath bombs / salt

If you know that a women, which you want to give a gift is a happy owner of a bathtub, you almost can’t go wrong buying her a set of bath bombs. Eventually buy her an epsom salt, which is full of magnesium, so should help her to relax.

Epson salt for her

4. Good quality natural cosmetics

Good quality cosmetics should be a great present. But please remember that gifts for women should never suggest her that there is something wrong with her appearance. For example buying cosmetics for a problematic face may suggest so! Do not make her upset.

Shea butter, almond milk or argan oil sooth and moisturise skin. Buying products which smell nice and/or will moisture her skin, you don’t suggest her that there is anything wrong with her body.

Natural cosmetics for women
Best Christmas 2019 women's gift - Argan oil
Cosmetics for every woman

5. Jewellery

A beautiful piece of jewellery is always a great idea for a gift. Go for a pendant with a lovely stone or a real amber. Handmade jewellery is always appreciated because of its uniqueness.

Jewellery - Beautiful pendant for Christmas
Amber -Jewellery for ladies

6. Sweets

Chocolate might be a good present for her. She can eat it, share it or pass it to somebody else. Check a selection of organic chocolates from Green&Blacks. Did you know that there are dairy free and soya free handmade in the UK truffles available? Check Booja-Booja.

Chocolate for Christmas 2019
Christmas truffles

7. Aromatherapy

If she likes a good smell in the house or likes to meditate, an essential oil diffuser for aromatherapy can be a wonderful present for her. Especially, if you will add some essential oils.

8. Good quality tea set

Who in the UK doesn’t like a tea? Good tea is a perfect gift. Make it special and choose the best quality white tea or organic matcha. Add a set of beautiful double walled thermo glasses to let her safely enjoy a hot drink. Good quality tea strainer will be a nice addition to a loose tea.

9. Smart speaker

Electronics are not only for men. Buy her a smart speaker with Alexa… and a clock. I can guarantee that she will be very, very happy. Isn’t it just a great reason to open a mouth when nobody’s around?

10. Himalayan salt lamp

Another great gift for her for Christmas 2022 is a Himalayan crystal rock salt lamp. It looks beautiful giving a very decorative light but also is healthy. Some people claim that it can clean the air, help sleep, boost mood and even soothe allergies. Sounds great!

Himalayan Salt Lamp - Buy it for her - Christmas 2019

Still searching? Find more Christmas gifts for women.

More gifts for ladies

You need to be a great observer and listener to find a present that she will love. I was searching a lot to help you to find amazing gifts ideas for Christmas 2022. I am sure she will love them!

Best gifts for women - Jewellery

Not all of us will tell you directly what we want.

Many of us give small hints about the gift we dream of. Hoping that you will guess.

Some of us love surprises. But only good ones!

Christmas gifts for women

I love finding perfect gifts.

I am here to help you to find a special present for your mum, grandma, daughter, sister, friend or colleague. I collected ideas for the little and grown up girls.

Best Christmas gift for a woman

Gift ideas for her for Christmas 2022

Would you like to discover some more Christmas gifts for her? Here they are:

A book, which empowers women to do great things with their lives,

Another one is a book, which every single person managing others should read:

Does she like travelling? Large and unique suitcase would be a hit. It looks pretty, is easy to pack and even easier to find on the baggage carousel.

Christmas is to treat others with gifts which they would not buy for themselves thinking that they are excess. How about a manuka honey?

Maybe she would love the Apple Watch? You do not have to buy the latest generation. Save some money and choose older but still brand new product.

Apple Watch for Women - Best gift for her

You can find more affordable smartwatch as well. Just read reviews before.

Camera – not too big but still powerful. There are so many. I read many reviews and if I would need a new camera, I would go for one of these two (depending on the budget):

Pamper treat is very relaxing and can increase self-confidence. Can you imagine that some women feel guilty spending money to pamper themselves? Do it for them. Just check available locations before!

Only for grown-up girls 18+. Check a gin & gin liqueur selection hamper. Or couple of wine bottles with something sweet.

We all know how fashion harms our environment. If she loves cosmetics but also cares about ecology, find her some ecological makeup accessories.

Presents with love for her

Gifts for women do not have to be very expensive. It is more important that you will give them with love.

Here you will find presents ideas for your loved once.

Maybe you want to find women’s gift for your better half. I collected unique Christmas gifts ideas for your wife, fiancée or girlfriend.

Gifts for your wife

Gifts for fiancée

Gifts for girlfriend

Are you looking for a Christmas gift for a female family member? Depending on who she is – your mum, grandma, sister or mother-in-law. Your little baby-girl – and it doesn’t matter if she is 2 weeks, months or years old, maybe she is in her 20’s already. You want to give her something very special.

Gifts for mother

Gifts for daughter

Gifts for grandmother

Gifts for granddaughter

Gifts for mother in-law

Gifts for daughter in-law

Gifts for sister

Gifts for sister in law

Maybe you look for a special gift for your best friend, which is like your family as well. You will discover here a few great gift ideas.

Presents full of thought

Do you need to buy something for your work colleague because you are her Secret Santa? We have some ideas for you! Does not matter how much you know her – there is always something, what you can give another woman.

Gifts for female friend

Gifts for female stranger

Christmas with Love aims to suggest you unique, beautiful and useful gifts for women. Suitable for every budget. Sometimes very brave and surprising. Sometimes I will present gifts which seem to be an obvious choice for her – but in the best possible quality and value.

Some of the ideas you can use all year round. Other will be very Christmassy, quirky and funny.

Please remember also about those in need. There are many charities helping women. Here you have a couple inspirations:

Women’s Aid

Wellbeing of Women

The best gifts for women will give her a smile, experience, hope, pleasure, new knowledge or a new skill. Let me help you in finding them.