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Christmas With Love

Christmas Gifts for a Mum-To-Be

What would a mum-to-be need for Christmas? What is the best Christmas gifts for pregnant wife? What to buy your daughter which soon will become a parent as well?

I guess that some of us would think about buying her some cute little baby clothes, shoes, blankets, toys. Probably they would bring her a lot of joy. But please remember that they are more a gift for a baby, not for a pregnant woman. If she did specifically ask for them, go for it. But maybe consider something only for her. For her as a mum-to-be but also as a woman. Show her that she is also very important as a person.

Presents for a pregnant woman

She can struggle with some skin issues during her pregnancy so very natural cosmetics could be helpful. The more natural the better.

It is better to get a smaller quantity but great quality cosmetics. Organic if possible. Safe for a baby. It is a Christmas gift so you can consider less and more expensive products. I will show you a few.

Some of them I used myself. Others I just analysed reading ingredients and reviews.

Best gift ideas for a mum-to-be

Hamper for a pregnant women

Honestly, my favourite place to collect things to put in the hamper are local farm shops, local markets and special farm events.

Some preserves you can collect through the year. But probably you wish to have in your hamper products as fresh as possible. That means that it would be nice to get preserves made from this year harvest.

Closer to Christmas you can add even some fresh fruits (unfortunately often imported but you can look for organic ones).

What to put in the hamper for a mum-to-be?

What I would put into the hamper of the pregnant woman? Definitely products, which are organic if only possible. But let not be too crazy about it, if it would really brake our budget.

I would also think about vitamins and minerals of the mum-to-be. Delivered naturally with fruits and vegetables or even about pills or liquids suitable for a pregnant women.

You can be less or more brave choosing some of the products. If you know her very well and know that she craves really crazy things, you can go wild.

Preserves and products kept naturally on the shop shelves (not in the fridge or freezer) are safer. Remember about excluding products which could be harmful for a baby like (following the NHS website) soft cheeses. Do not buy products with alcohol.

Be careful with meats, fish products, anything what should be refrigerated. Especially that the hamper will spend at least a few hours out of the fridge (if not the whole night).

Make sure that the hamper is not kept next to the radiator, fireplace, any heat generator.

Do not store it outside, like in the car with turned off engine. The temperature amplitude can be high, especially during the nighttime, and you do not want the products in the hamper to freeze and be defrosted again.

Products in the hamper for a pregnant woman

I would definitely go for some good quality jam. Or any jam really with a high amount of fruits and small amount of sugar (or even none).

The safest teas for a pregnant women are herbal teas. Go for a chamomile tea or a lemon balm tea which can calm a mum to be.

Lemon balm grows in my garden like crazy and a chamomile is also easy to grow so maybe consider buying some seeds for a spring time to have your own homegrown calming tea?

Obviously you can’t buy her a bottle of wine or any other alcohol. Instead you can put into the hamper a bottle of juice. Not from a concentrate, pressed.

In the farm shops you can buy natural juices which can be stored out of the fridge. My favourite apple juices I usually bought locally from people producing a cider.

Below you can find an example of organic pressed apple juice. But really support local market and buy it locally.

Products which are worth considering are dried fruit. They contain a lot iron which a mum-to-be needs. They also work well for constipation. The best are dried plums (prunes), apricots, figs.

Talking about iron. Hamper can contain some suitable for the pregnant women iron supplement.

Best books about pregnancy

Is she a first time mum-to-be or is she already a mum expecting another baby?

If she is a first time mum-to-be, she probably would need some books which would explain her what is going on with her body and how to take care of baby in the first few weeks.

If it is her second baby, you can consider buying her a book below.