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Christmas With Love

Christmas gifts for a Grandma

Best gift ideas for a grandmother

Most grandmas love personalised gifts. I can only imagine how touched they will be seeing little gifts with pictures of their grandchildren.

Your grandma would appreciate a nice warm scarf.

How about something sweet and healthy? Give her some British blossom honey. Here is an example:

Your grandma would appreciate a set of natural soaps which smell heavenly. Especially those better quality and a little bit more expensive, which she probably would not buy for herself.

Good hand cream is always a good choice. Especially if she enjoys cooking or gardening.

Gardeners need seeds.

Charles Dowding is known for his no dig method which saves time and energy – and guarantees a successful crop. It is a very good book to read for anyone interested in gardening.

Another interesting book for gardeners is “Veg in one bed” which helps to save space and plan perfectly raised beds.

Kitchen scale is an important accessory in every kitchen. Buy it for your nan.