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Christmas With Love

Christmas With Love

Christmas With Love is an on-line destination to share the Christmas Love and enjoy Festive Spirit for the all year round. 24/7/365!

From love for Christmas

Christmas With Love was created from love for Christmas. A long time ago I realised that one of the things I enjoy the most is Christmas.

My Story

Not usual Christmas Celebration

However crazy it sounds, I celebrate Christmas more than once a year. Of course, I do not decorate a Christmas tree in July. But possibly you will find me making in my spare time Christmas decorations listening Christmas carols as a background. I also like singing and playing them on instruments.

Probably I am one of not too many people enjoying Christmas decorations in the big store centres in October… or even in September.

Some people watch romantic comedies to feel a little bit cheesy. I have list of my favourite Christmas movies, which I am watching any time of the year.

I also love some Christmas recipes, so my family eats Christmas food regularly. And my family really enjoys eating Christmas meals. There is nothing like a proper Christmas dinner on random Sunday afternoon or aromatic mince pies on a cold winter’s evening.

Every year I was searching for Christmas decorations, recipes, gifts, games and other ideas as soon as Christmas was over.

I was creating lists of gifts for my family and friends. I had a few secret places to collect them in the offer prices throughout the year.

Helping with Christmas

Because everybody knew how much I love Christmas, through years I shared tones of Christmas ideas. I also advised about timing of Christmas preparations.

Many times, I was asked by others (I mean by Father Christmas and his helpers) to search gifts on their behalf. On other occasions as well. They knew that I would do it for pleasure. I heard that I can find unique and thoughtful gifts for everyone.

Each year I was more and more busy. Really busy.

ChristmasWithLove – the beginning

Suddenly I realised that I should accumulate all my findings in one easily accessible place. I decided to create the Christmas website. For my friends, family, myself. For you, my dear reader. Because, if you are here now, you probably also love Christmas.

This is why I created ChristmasWithLove.

Christmas With Love is an online space, where people, which love Christmas as you and me, can fully soak into the Christmas spirit any time of the year and find all they need.

I was always truly annoyed that the brands were turning off the Christmas content just a few days after Christmas. I felt like someone would take away my comfort space. I promise you that is the place, where the Christmas content will be not deactivated on 27th December.

Please, enjoy scrolling and clicking through the fully Christmassy content anytime you want. I always wanted such a space, so here it is. From me to all people, which find comfort reading Christmas content.

Let’s share Christmas Spirit!

I want to help you enjoying Christmas as much as it is possible. I want to share Christmas Spirit with all of you.

You will find here not only information about Christmas traditions, but also many Christmas inspirations. ChristmasWithLove is a website full of Christmas recipes, DIY projects, music, gifts ideas. A lot of Christmas fun for free.

Christmas makes us better human beings. Let’s share good thoughts, words and love during this beautiful time of the year.

Let’s spread Christmas magic for the whole year round!

I hope that Christmas With Love will give you whole bunch of ideas, inspirations and fun. Enjoy!