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Tesco Christmas 2022

In 2022 there was the same story as the year before – I was too late to see full Tesco Christmas 2022 offer. This time it wasn’t my fault but many life challenges caused it. But here is what I found for you on 25th December 2022.

I love how Tesco prepared a slider on their website, which focused not so much on buying things – but planning on the night before Christmas, saving food and energy, being creative with gifts and preparing the edible ones. Here is what I have found in the slider:

What to do the night before Christmas

Christmas Eve preparation list involved the following points:

  1. Bake for Santa – sweet recipes for Santa,
  2. Check your turkey – recommendation to check the recipe to not be surprised the next day that the recipe of our choice takes much longer than we thought,
  3. Super sauces – a few Christmassy recipes for sauces,
  4. Finishing touches – ideas for the Christmas cake decorations,
  5. Last minute desserts – a few recipes for the Christmas pudding alternatives,
  6. Star side dishes – a few recipes for side dishes,
  7. Emergency gifts – great ideas for last minute gifts,
  8. Drink up – a few drinks recipes to enjoy them while you wrap Christmas gifts,
  9. One last treat – a hot chocolate recipe to enjoy while watching the Christmas movie.

Edible Gifts

I find this an amazing ideas – especially nowadays, when it is not obvious that each of us will be able to purchase something for our family and friends. Great chutneys, cookies, truffles and drinks recipes.

Low energy recipes

Tesco prepared different types of recipes to prepare them in the air fryer, slow-cooker or microwave, so you don’t have to use your oven.

Just please remember that it can be misleading – there is a certain usage of oven, when it becomes more energy efficient than in other devices – especially, if you cook big amount of food. Oven heats up just once and if you don’t open it regularly for longer period of time, should keep the heat, so if you cook a lot of food for longer in a higher temperature – it can become more energy sufficient than other kitchen devices.

Ways to use up Christmas leftovers

Great idea! Tesco prepared recipes to use your leftovers, which will help you save food and money.

An easy gift idea for rum lovers

Definitely a sponsored article because it mentions only one type of Rum – but still, a few recipes, which will cost you probably less than buying everyone the whole bottle of rum.

Festive Menu Helper

Tesco also prepared the Festive Menu Helper.

Tesco Festive Menu Helper
Tesco Festive Menu Helper – Let’s Get Started
Tesco Festive Menu Helper – Create Your Own

My favourite option is the Budget Menu Generator (it is the name, which I gave to this tool), where Festive Menu Helper will generate you a menu depending on your budget.

Budget Menu Generator

Then you have an option to pick, if you want to have meat & fish on your table or, if you want to have vegetarian/vegan meals. You can also choose gluten-free and/or diary-free menu.

Meat & Fish, Vegetarian, Vegan Option – Menu Generator

Menu, which I had generated for the lowest budget was just below £10. First I thought, hey!, it is not a low budget in these times but then I checked what was on the menu…

I picked all options – meat & fish, vegetarian, vegan, with dairy and gluten. This is what the Menu Generator picked for me:

  • Mini Mexican sweetcorn fritters,
  • Vegan mince pies,
  • Spicy sprout and potato cakes,
  • Portobello mushroom tarts,
  • Brie and cranberry-stuffed chicken wrapped in bacon
  • Moroccan lentil “meatloaf”,
  • Get-ahead roast potatoes,
  • Perfect Yorkshire puddings,
  • Shredded Savoy cabbage with vegan orange butter,
  • Miso swede and carrot mash,
  • Self-sausing date and caramel pudding.

My generated budget festive menu contains Party Food x3, Mains x2, Starters x1, Sides x3, Desserts x1.

The most expensive ingredient on the list was a chicken for £4.60. The cost of my shopping list was £98.47 (without cost of electric to prepare the meals). I know, it is not cheap but you can remove or add different recipes (sorted by price) and the cost goes down.

I find it amazing. Well done, Tesco!

Tesco Christmas 2021

In 2021 I didn’t have chance to save the Tesco Christmas page.

It reminded me, why I created this website. I really don’t like to see these landing pages telling me that Christmas is over.

Tesco Christmas 2021 advert

I think that Tesco Christmas 2021 advert was full of hope. Many allusions to COVID-19, test results, quarantine, travelling, this year stock shortages. Very on time.

This Christmas, Nothing’s Stopping Us


Tesco Christmas 2020

Tesco Christmas 2020 page

Tesco Christmas Advert 2020

No Naughty List

After a year like this, we believe there is no naughty list. So go on Britain, treat yourself to the best Christmas ever. #TescoNoNaughtyList


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