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Christmas With Love

IKEA Christmas 2023

IKEA’s Christmas Shop 2023

This year the main IKEA Christmas 2023 categories are:

  • Christmas lights,
  • Christmas trees, wreaths & garlands,
  • Christmas decorations,
  • Christmas food,
  • Christmas textiles,
  • Christmas tableware,
  • Christmas cooking & baking,
  • Wrapping paper, gift bags & accessories.

In the slider you can find another filter with the following categories:

  • Christmas trees,
  • Baubles & decorations,
  • Candles & candle holders,
  • Christmas lights,
  • Christmas textiles,
  • Wreaths, flowers & garlands,
  • Christmas tableware,
  • Christmas cooking & baking.

Season of baking together

Make the season bright – IKEA Christmas lights

Christmas decorations for any budget

IKEA Vinterland 2023 – What’s on in stores?

IKEA Christmas 2023 Shopping

I must be honest and say that I really tried to not buy any new decorations for Christmas but I ended up with a few items from IKEA. Mostly a lamp shade STRÅLA (diameter: 48cm, £4) with a table lamp stand (£8) – or rather I got two of them with two different lamp shades. I just needed more festive lights, which were not battery operated.

STRÅLA – Lamp shade – White folklore
STRÅLA – Lamp Shade – Red leaf

Items, which caught my eye this year:

VINTERFINT – Advent calendar, 24 boxes (to fill with small surprices)
VINTERFINT – Tin with lid set of 2, mixed sizes/mixed colours
VINTERFINT – Hanging decoration, set of 2, glass Santa Claus & bell-shaped gold-colour, 3 pack
VINTERFINT – Christmas stocking, black, 40 cm
VINTERFINT – Decoration set of 2, mushroom/glass red
VINTERFINT – Decoration, bauble, glass/mixed colours, 6 cm, 4 pack

My sentimental heart melts seeing these glass ornaments – toadstools, Santas, classic swirly baubles – the type, which I would see in my early childhood. And golden bells.

VINTERFINT – Hanging decoration, set of 4, glass Christmas motifs
VINTERFINT – Decoration, bauble, glass red/green, 7 cm
VINTERFINT – Hanging decoration, glass candy cane stick/red/white
VINTERFINT – Hanging decoration, set of 6, handmade mixed shapes/red

I forgot to mention that I also got a festive door mat. It is extremely simple but I enjoy the look of it so much that I don’t use it and put my shoes there after cleaning them on another door mat (the one on the middle picture below).

Scroll down to sentimentally remind yourself, what was in the offer in the previous years.

IKEA Christmas 2022

Unfortunately, in 2022 I had a technical issue on my website and everything what I prepared for you wasn’t saved. Here are a few pieces from IKEA 2022 Christmas page – I saved it on 25th December 2022. At least, you can see that there is a sale at the moment, so next year you will be prepared for it.

IKEA Christmas Decorations 2022

In 2022 there was a cute Vinterfint collection.

IKEA Christmas Tree & Christmas Decorations 2022

Just look at some of the items from the Vinterfint collection. I totally love their hanging decoration “Hanging decoration, set of 2, Lucia procession glass/white” (2 little people) and “Hanging decoration, set of 3, glass animals/mixed colours” (3 cute colourful goats) – so adorable!

And their 170cm tall artificial Christmas tree for £25 (now only £15!) looks pretty amazing for the price.

IKEA Advent Calendar 2022

In the collection there was also Advent Calendar.

IKEA Vinterfint Wrapping Paper, Tags & Bags

As well as Vinterfint wrapping paper, tags and reusable bags. I am a big fan of the reusable bags. I would prefer them in less toned colours – more bright, bold, Christmassy but I am sure that this year design had a huge group of fans.

IKEA Christmas STRÅLA LED Lights

In 2022 Ikea also offered festive STRÅLA LED lights. Having at home energy sufficient LED lights can be quite a good idea this (and any) winter.

IKEA Christmas 2021

In November 2021 you needed to really scroll down the IKEA page to find a few Christmas banners.

IKEA Christmas 2021 page

IKEA Christmas 2021 decorations


Playful Christmas baubles inspired by animals, which we can find in the Scandinavian forests: a deer, a hare and a fox.

The baubles are safe for children because they are made of metalled polystyrene plastic.

They are not small (9-11 cm) and are easy to hang.

IKEA Christmas 2020

Find the last year Christmas offers. Go on a sentimental journey and discover Christmas decorations, which were available in the previous years.

IKEA Christmas 2020 page

IKEA Christmas page

IKEA Christmas decorations

I love Scandinavian style – its simplicity but cosiness and a lot of light.

VINTER 2020: – Sack with string, Santa Claus pattern natural (90×56 cm);
– Decoration, Santa Claus red (35 cm); – Decoration, wreath, red (35 cm);
– Artificial plant

Almost a decade ago, I was lucky enough to spend a few weeks of December in Stockholm – and feel the vibe. I was in love. There was a bit of snow in some days but mostly temperatures were above 10 Celsius degrees.

– Decoration set of 2, Santa Claus red,
– Christmas tree green (25 cm) & Set of 3 (15 cm, 13 cm, 10 cm)
– House, set of 3 (mixed colours)
– Tealight holder, white (13 cm)
– Lantern for tealight, in/outdoor red (22 cm)

Scandi gnomes (nisse) decorations on the postcards. Windows without curtains but filled with Christmas lights and illuminated stars. I loved walking in the evenings just to breath in the atmosphere.

– LED lighting chain with 10 lights, battery-operated/candle shaped with clip
– Lamp shade, lace white (70 cm);
Lamp shade, red/white70 cm

In the centre of Stockholm, my attention was stolen by amazing light decorations and beautiful window displays – moving and playing a Christmas music.

– Gift bag, Santa Claus pattern white
(10×10 cm, 25 pack)
– Decoration, Santa Claus red (25 cm)

I also found a Christmas market full of lovely decorated market stalls with Christmas decorations, artisan food and Glögg (Swedish mulled wine). I felt like in a fairy tale. IKEA at Christmas always reminds me this magical time of my life.

VINTER 2020: Place mat, Santa Claus pattern white/red37x37 cm
Decoration, candle-shaped red/white

Christmas tree decorations

Hanging decoration, set of 2, Santa Claus
Decoration, 32 plastic baubles (50% recycled), red (8 cm)
Decoration, bauble,
Animal pattern, grey (7 cm)
Hanging decoration, set of 6, gold-colour
Decoration bauble,
set of 3,
assorted shapes/glass red
Hanging decoration, set of 2, Penguin & Polar Bear
Decoration, 3 baubles, glass red/white (8 cm)
Decoration, bauble,
clear glass/white (7 cm)
Decoration bauble, set of 32, red/gold-colour
Decoration, bauble, mixed colours (8 cm); Thread: Jute, Palm Leaf, Cotton; Ball: Polyethylene plastic
Hanging decoration, heart-shaped gold-colour
Decoration bauble, set of 32, blue/silver-colour
Decoration, bauble,
glass white/red (5 cm)
Hanging decoration, set of 4, Santa Claus red/grey10.5 cm
Hanging decoration,
bird red (5 cm)

Christmas wreath

Decoration, wreath, red/gold-colour38 cm
Decoration, wreath, heart-shaped24 cm

Kitchen cooking & baking

5 pastry cutters with tin,
assorted shapes
Bottle with stopper, clear glass/snowflake pattern white (1 l)

Christmas storage

Box with lid, white
(38x51x30 cm)
Storage bag, animal pattern grey (35x73x30 cm/76 l)