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Christmas With Love

Best Christmas presents for girls

Discover the best gift ideas for girls.

Best Christmas gift ideas for girls

If you struggle to find a really good gift for a girl, I hope you will find a lot of inspiration. I prepared a list of items, which any girl should love.

Crazy cats – adorable Christmas gift for girls

Crazy cats are a wonderful game, which we really enjoy playing. Cats are silly and cute, well made and beautifully packed. I think that it is not only a good fun but a lovely room decoration for animals lovers. I am sure that any girl will love it.

adorable gift for girls

Secret Diary

Christmas gift for girls

Christmas presents for girls

Bullet Journal

Bullet journaling became quite popular. It helps to become more organised and express creativity. Girls love it! All they need is a dotted journal and some accessories like colourful pens, stickers and stencils.

teenage girls love bullet journals - Christmas gift idea

Bicycle – great gift idea for a girl

A bicycle is a big purchase so Christmas is a good opportunity to justify a big spending. It doesn’t sound like a winter item but as the winters get milder, it doesn’t seem to be such a bad idea.

For younger girls you can find a pretty balance bikes.

Inspirational Books – perfect Christmas presents for girls

Sometimes it is difficult to find books which will really inspire your child, give them courage to do great things. I think we should encourage our girls to dream about having amazing adventures and show them good examples of people which achieved their goals.

Girls can become great scientists or programmers, or because of their choice (not duties) they can focus on crafty stuff, gardening or cooking. Tell your little girl that she can become whoever she wants.

Christmas present ideas for girls
Lego – perfect Christmas gift for girls

Set of Lego blocks is just a perfect Christmas gift for girls. And Lego did not pay me to share this opinion!

Lego blocks help to develop 3D imagination, improve creativity, counting, problem solving, planning skills, ability to make decisions, team work, communication skills.

They last for decades, it is so easy to clean them. And just in case – they are very easily resalable.

Lego Duplo for girls
Duplo for girls
Small sets of Lego for girls
Lego friends for girls
Big sets of Lego for girls
Lego Disney for girls - gift idea for Christmas
Lego Friends - Christmas present for girls
Lego City for girls

High quality building blocks

I want to show you other brands of building blocks, which I could easily recommend.

We have two boxes of plastic Mega Bloks and two boxes of wooden Melissa and Doug building blocks. Both are rather for toddlers but honestly I had a lot of fun playing with my children. Very good quality toys.

Construction toys

Nowadays, we have on the market many construction toys, which are perfect for girls. Please do not buy them only for boys. Girls are great in building amazing constructions!

Game console

What is a good gift for a girl? I believe that game consoles are a great gift idea for girl. I am a big fan of board games or sports activities instead, but if we let boys to play games, we have to remember that female participation in gaming is increasing. Some girls just love playing games.

If she would like to have a portable game console, check the one below:

Mobile Phone

I can’t believe that I recommend it but yes, I do think that a mobile phone is a good gift for girls.

They will not run away from it, one day they will have to know, how to use a mobile phone. Your role is teaching them, how to use it safely.

For young girls (about 5 years old and older), I would recommended the one below:

For younger girls (1-4 years old), toy phones below should be perfect.

Camera for young girls

This lovely flowery camera from Nikon COOLPIX W150 is not only shockproof 1.8m and waterproof 10m but also freezeproof -10°C. The camera takes up to four pictures, when it sees a face. It is perfect to take pictures around pools. It is available in different colours as well! It is not an advert. It has some really good reviews.

best Christmas gifts for girls - camera

Below you can find more budget friendly cameras for young girls.

For example, if you would like to choose something looking more serious, you can buy the high rated compact camera below:

Camera is a lovely Christmas gift for a girl

Jewellery – beautiful Christmas gifts

Most of the little girls will love to wear a jewellery like her Mummy or other important in her life person does.

Jewellery for little girls

You can give her a little pendant, bracelet, charm or earrings. You can choose items with an engraved name of the little one, year or important for you word.

The prices differ a lot, depending on the material from which the jewellery is made. Obviously, the jewellery made from precious metals like platinum, gold and silver will last for a lifetime.

Be careful reading items descriptions because many items are only plated with a precious metal and the layer can be very thin. Sometimes “silver” and “gold” in the descriptions are only about the colour, not the precious metal – something like “gold pen”, which obviously is not from gold but has gold colour. Apologies for saying probably obvious things. If you want to invest in a jewellery, buy it directly from companies, which are well known. Support your local jeweller.

Sometimes buying wooden jewellery is the best option to get something pretty and colourful. Properly stored wood will last as well.

DIY jewellery

For girls, which are very creative, I would recommend getting a DIY jewellery. They can create then a jewellery for themselves, their friends or even for you. There are more and less advanced DIY jewellery sets, so choose the one which will be the most appropriate for your little girl.

Christmas gifts for creative girls
DIY jewellery for girls
Christmas present ideas for girls
DIY jewellery is a great Christmas gift
Jewellery Box

Jewellery box can be a good Christmas gift idea for girls. The little girl can store there not only a jewellery but also her all important little treasures!

How about cute girly jewellery box with a melody?

There are jewellery boxes, which a girl could decorate herself.

The jewellery box below is very practical and beautiful. Psst, just to let you know, in the charity shops I have seen them for less than £5.

Beauty products for girls

Little girls want to feel like grownups and they want to use cosmetics. We need to choose them responsibly.

Below you can find some high rated sparkly cosmetics, perfumes, face paints and nails stickers.

And if you are looking for a little bit less sparkly or branded beauty products for girls, you should find them below.

Barbie Dolls for girls

Barbie. Blond hair, blue eyes beauty with unrealistic body proportions? Fortunately, not anymore.

In the past I would not buy Barbie to any girl because it was cultivating disgusting stereotypes about women and distorting the picture of female body.

Now Barbie dolls have different body shapes, hair, eyes and skin colours. You can find curly Barbie with smaller breast, which (at last!) looks more like a real person. Nowadays, Barbie dolls are not only fashionistas. You can find Barbie which is an engineer, doctor, scientist, astronaut, astrophysicist, football player, firefighter, farmer, pilot, and many more. They can have a leg prosthetic and a wheelchair. Well done, Mattel. We, mothers, do appreciate the change.

Barbie doll - prosthetic leg - gift idea for a girl
Barbie doll with wheelchair - Christmas present for girls

Barbie doll for girls - Christmas gift idea

I hope it helped? I have tried to not think only about “girly” presents but also about gifts, which some people stereotypically would consider for boys – but girls would love them as well.

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