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Christmas With Love

Best gift ideas for a son

You can buy him a new backpack.

If he is interesting in an army style clothes, here you can find another style of a backpack.

Bicycle. Before buying a bike for your child, it is good to check the child’s height and size of the bike you are buying. Here you can find bike sizing advice. Below you will find an example of a bike suitable for height 1,65 m – 1,80 m.

Honestly I recommend buying a bike in a place like Halfords.

If he already has a bike, find him accessories for his bicycle. Cable locks or lights are very useful.

Tools to repair his bike.


Every boy must learn how to use his money responsibly. Find a book for your little boy, teenager or already adult son.

Some boys struggle with communications but even those which do not, can benefit reading a book below.

Does he like Dungeons&Dragons? Check the gift ideas below:

How about some really great 1-4 players game? The “Spirit Island” game is a bit complicated but it is a really great fun.