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Christmas With Love

Christmas Gifts for Men

Get inspired and find perfect Christmas gifts for men.

Top 10 Christmas gifts for men for Christmas 2020

1. Experience or Adventure!

If you need to buy something just here and now. If you do not have time to wait for a delivery. Or if he is very fussy about things. Sounds like mission impossible. But here I have a great solution for you.

Buy him an experience day. He can choose what he really wants. There is something for cars and extreme sports lovers, foodies or even for men which prefer to be pampered. He can even choose if he will share it with somebody or will go for it alone. No pressure.

2. Good wine, beer and whiskey

Does he like a good wine? Choose him one of the bottles below. Red or white. Obviously it is a gift for grownups, and from adults only!

Wines often come in a box of six. If you buy one box, you can have a gift for one person or even for six different people!

You can buy a selection box of beer or you can buy them all separately in your local farm shop or supermarket.

If he prefers whisky, go for it. You can find a bottle, which will cost a few thousand pounds (and more) but below I prepared a list of a few reasonably priced whisky bottles.

There are also many interesting accessories for people which enjoy having, from time to time, an alcoholic drink. Please see below.

3. Drink accessories

Here you can find a few great drink accessories. Probably you didn’t know that some of them even existed.

4. Home Beer Brewing

Brewing his own beer can be great fun for him. From a book about brewing through growing his own hops to professional home beer brewing kit.

5. Drone

Drones can be great fun for everyone what makes them a perfect Christmas gift for men. They can be also practical. Even your grandpa can get great pleasure from seeing his house or farm from another perspective.

6. Tools & DIY accessories

Here is a tool belt with additional accessories, a toolkit and a set of screwdrivers. If he likes some DIY, he will definitely find a use for them.

7. Shaving kit

You can buy a traditional shaving set or an electric shaver.

8. Knives

If he likes cooking, gardening or survival, good quality knives will be an amazing gift. Below you can find a few examples of knives for men.

9. Games

Christmas time is a perfect time to play some games. Below you can find a few examples.

A game below is quite controversial. Read reviews first. Probably he will love it – or hate it. Buy it on your own risk.

10. Camera

Cameras are related to fan and safety. If he likes sport or takes care about home safety – a camera should make him happy.

Action camera is a great device not only to record fascinating videos to share with friends but it is important due to safety reasons. Great for walking, biking, skiing, watersports (the model below has a waterproof case) and many others.

Even if somebody is a great car driver, having a dash camera sounds like a good idea. Most dashboard camera’s owners say that is provides additional security for themselves and their vehicle.

I am sure that he will appreciate an additional security which gives indoor camera. Especially if he lives alone, if somebody regularly comes to clean his house or when he is not at home. An indoor camera is not an obvious gift for him – but how thoughtful!

The model above works well with Alexa speaker:

Doorbells with a camera will let him check who is at the door. Even if he is not at home.

He can even talk to the person via his phone app. Just imagine how much fan he will have talking to a postman or friends.

More Christmas gift ideas for men

I hope you like the Christmas present ideas for men, which I presented above.

I focused here on gifts for grownups. If you want to see more ideas for Christmas gifts for men (any age), you will find them here:

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