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Christmas With Love

John Lewis – Christmas Advert 2021

If you can’t wait for the new John Lewis Christmas Advert 2021, you are not alone! Each year people are excited waiting for the John Lewis’ Christmas Advert. It became an annual tradition in British Culture.

Watch the new John Lewis Christmas 2021 Advert – as soon as it will be launched.

John Lewis Christmas

Christmas Advert 2020

The previous year’s John Lewis Christmas Ad was a lovely story about making a big difference, while sharing kindness and love to others.

John Lewis – Christmas Advert 2020

Give a little love

Give a little love was the John Lewis’s message for Christmas 2020.

We believe that the world would be a better place if we all gave a little more love. Because together we can make a big difference.

John Lewis

Is the number 222 bus going to Tooting?

There isn’t a number “222” bus going to Tooting. The 222 runs from Uxbridge Station to Hounslow Bus Station.

What is the meaning of number 222?

The repeating numbers are taking people’s attention. For some people these numbers are called the “angelic” numbers. The numbers, through which angels are sending us messages. Some people will tell you that the number 222 is one of the most powerful angel numbers and symbolises love and unity.

Is there a mistake in the John Lewis Christmas Advert?

In the John Lewis Christmas Advert, the 222 bus is going to Tooting – which is not true. But the route of the 222 bus in the advert could have been intentionally changed, to take our attention and start a conversation.

“Tooting”, appearing in the advert, could be a wordplay – a verb created from the number “two” + “-ing”. “Tooting” can be a metaphoric neologism, which means “going into the direction of many twos”. The meaning of “222” is love and unity. So the message here is: our route is unity and love.

Tooting is also an area in London, where 9% of the population is Indian and Pakistani. In the Christmas advert, with the bus number 222 to Tooting, the lady wearing her traditional clothing, helps to fix the girl’s glasses. Just, because. Not because of Christmas, which she might not celebrate. It’s a lovely message of our unity.

When was the John Lewis Christmas Advert released?

The John Lewis Christmas Advert was released at 7am on 13th November 2020.

Give a Little Love 2020

FareShare & Home-Start Christmas Advert 2020

John Lewis & Partners with Waitrose & Partners are on a mission to raise £5 million this Christmas.